Hungry? Order Fresh Food prepared by Chefs

  1. What is SareFood.com?
    SareFood.com is an online marketplace connecting customers to local chefs.
  2. What is different about SareFood.com?
    Unlike other companies, where you don’t necessarily know who is cooking for you, at SareFood.com, you select a chef that best suits your needs. It is like having your own personal chef!
  3. Are these real chefs at SareFood.com?
    Yes, Absolutely, every chef at SareFood.com is real.
  4. Do you have a vetting process for screeningchefs?
    Yes, before chefs can start selling at SareFood.com they go through our vetting process which involves interviewing, food-tasting, reference-checking, etc.
  5. Where do your chefs cook?
    Our chefs cook in a commercially licensed facility only.
  6. What services do you offer?
    We offer weekly meal delivery service, corporate and private cateringservice, and hire-a-chef service.
  7. What is weekly meal delivery service?
    You can order refrigerated weekly meals from a chef of your choice. You go to SareFood.com, enter your delivery address or zip code to see all the chefs in your area. Then after selecting a chef of your liking, you can select from their menu and order your weekly meals.
  8. Can I choose when I get my weekly meals delivered?
    Yes, there are two options to choose from – Wednesday or Saturday afternoon to evening.
  9. When do the chefs prepare weekly meals?
    For all Wednesday deliveries, chefs prepare meals by Tuesday and then refrigerate it. The meals are then transported into a refrigerated van to our central distribution facility where it is packed into insulated bags and then delivered to the customers on Wednesday afternoon. A similar cadence is followed for all Saturday Deliveries.
  10. Is your food frozen?
    No, our food is not frozen, it is refrigerated.
  11. Where can I see the heating instructions?
    You can see the heating instructions on the lid of the meal-boxes as well as online in the item details.
  12. Where can I see the ingredients and allergy information?
    You can see the ingredients and allergy information on the lid of the meal-boxes as well as online in the item details.
  13. Where can I see calorie information?
    You can see it online only, it is available in the item details.
  14. What are the portion sizes?
    It is 24 oz for an entrée and 12 oz for a side.It is 2-3 oz for items such as dressing.
  15. What is Hire-A-Chef service?
    You can hire a Sare chef for a few hours. You can schedule a Sare chef to come to your home to cook for you and your family. You can also schedule a Sare chef to cook for your private event.
  16. How do I order for Hire-A-Chef service?
    Please email us at services@sarefood.com.
  17. What is the hourly rate for Hire-A-Chef service?
    The hourly rate depends on the chef, their experience, and skills.
  18. I don’t see a catering menu online, how do I order for catering service?
    Please email us at services@sarefood.com for all catering orders.
  19. Can I ask the chef to adjust the spice level for my taste?
    Not at present but soon we will offer this feature as well.
  20. Can I talk to the chef I like?
    We will be arranging meet and greet sessions and webinars for customers to know their chef.
  21. What kind of food do you offer?
    SareFood.com is a market place where chefs can choose to offer what they like, and each chef has something unique to offer therefore you will find a wide variety of food at SareFood.com, such as, healthy food, soul food, authentic ethnic food, fusion food and so on.
  22. Can I request for an item of my choice?
    Not yet but soon we will provide that option. For now, you can always email us at customercare@sarefood.com
  23. How can I offer my feedback about your services?
    Your feedback is very important to us, you can directly reach out to the founder and the owner of the company at sharma@sarefood.com
  24. Can I cancel aweekly meal order?
    We are sorry, but at present we do not allow cancelation of weekly meal ordersafter confirmation.
  25. Can I cancel Hire-A-Chef service?
    Yes, but depending on when you cancel it, some amount will be charged.
  26. Can I cancel a catering order?
    We are sorry, but at present we do not allow cancelation of catering ordersafter confirmation.
  27. Is yours a subscription-based service?
    No, we don’t offer subscription at present. We do offer weekly or bi-weekly reminders to place your orders.
  28. Can I choose my meals from more than one chef?
    At present we only allow one chef per order however you can always place multiple orders if you want to order from more than one chef.
  29. Can I choose two delivery days instead of just one?
    At present we only allow one delivery day per order however you can always split your order into two or more orders to choose different delivery days.
  30. Who gets the tip amount?
    Chefs get 100% of the tips you pay, so please be generous and pay tips for good service. Our chefs always appreciate it.
  31. Why is there a minimum order quantity?
    Sare chefs get groceries, prep, and cook only after they get a confirmed order. Everything is made from scratch every time you place an order so that you get healthy and fresh food every time. All this takes time and efforts and therefore to make it worth their while, chefs ask forminimum order amount.