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Chef Ashley

“Chef Ashley is a well rounded and professional chef.”

Cajun Cauliflower Fried Rice (paleo)


Pork chops and apples (paleo)


Buttermilk fried chicken and red velvet waffles


Turkey taco stuffed sweet potatoes (paleo)


Chef Tara of Tasty Treats

“I live a Keto Life Style and I make Keto Meals”

BBQ Smoked Bun-less Burger & Green Beans


BBQ Bun-less Smoked Turkey Burger


Grilled Fish & Sautéed Spinach


Chicken Cobb Salad w/ Avocado Lime Ranch


Chef Elicia

“I specialize in small plates designed for smaller appetites ”

  • American
  • Delivery On

Seasonal fruit cup


SMALL PLATE- Pulled Pork


SMALL PLATE- Pork chop


SMALL PLATE- Baked chicken wings



“Healthy and Hearty KETO ”

  • Italian, American, Greek
  • Delivery On

Beef & Brussels


Cheesecake Bombs


Steak & Cauliflower Mash


Protein Lasagna



“Humbled passionate chef that loves the culinary world.”

  • Italian, American
  • Delivery On

Southwest Chicken Bowl


Chicken Teriyaki Bowl


Pesto Chicken Bowl


Sweet Chili Salmon


Chef Terri Jayne

“Classically trained culinarian and proud private chef”

Bun-less Turkey Burger


Pasta with Crab Meat


Cajun Chicken Pasta


Chicken Burger


Marilyn's Divine Meals

“Marasha strives to provide healthy and heavenly meals to our customers”

  • American, Mexican
  • Delivery On

Grilled Shrimp


Strawberry Overnight Oats


Grilled Steak


Steak Burrito Bowl


Meals by Debritt

“I specialize in Elevated Southern Dishes ”

Cajun Pasta Meal


Cajun Shrimp Meal


Turkey Ribs Meal


Herb Roasted Chicken w/Rice


On and Poppin Gourmet Popcorn

“On and Poppin Gourmet Popcorn”

Regular Popcorn with Light Seasoning (10-12 Bag)


Caramel Popcorn (10-12 Bag)


Cheese Popcorn (10-12 Bag)


Popcorn Fred's Mix (Cheese/Carmel) 10-12 Bag


Hear from our customers

“Our favorites were the brisket, pulled pork and corn bread. We appreciated that everything was labeled with allergy information, reheating instructions and that there was minimal packaging used (no excess plastic!)” Cynthia Bander

“Great food delivered when promised. Courteous and cleandriver” Rebecca Light

“This worked out great. I have already been telling others about it! Thank you!” Kathy Yingling

Learn more about us

SareFood strives to bring you quality food and connections to local chefs that you can’t get anywhere else. We are working to instill the love of food into the hearts of busy families.

No need to feel guilty when you don’t have time to cook. We make it easy to feed your family nutritious meals. Order directly from local chefs by Sunday and fresh meals will be delivered to your door on Wednesday and/or Saturday.

Tasty, nutritious food is here

Our ingredients are fresh and our chefs forthright. Cooked with love, definitely delicious.


Why You Need Prepared Meal Delivery in St. Louis

Home-cooked meals used to be the norm and not the exception. But with the rapid-fire pace of daily life, who has time to slave over a hot stove creating nutritional and delicious meals every night?

The chefs of St. Louis, that’s who! And now, with the convenience and affordability of Sarefood prepared meal delivery service, you and your family can enjoy healthy and hearty chef-prepared meals right in your own kitchen.

Safefood partners with local chefs at established restaurants located here in St. Louis. You can pre-order meals prepared by the chefs, then have them packaged and delivered right to your door just in time for dinner.

Hear from our customers

No matter which diet trend you’re following - keto, vegan, paleo or diabetic - our chefs design delicious meals you’ll be proud to serve your family and guests. Our chefs’ sumptuous offerings include:

Keto Meals, Paleo Meals, Vegan and Vegetarian, High-protein, Low - and no-carb, Halal, Organic


Many Types of Cuisines Available

You can plan your home-delivered, chef-prepared meals in advance.

Want Italian on Friday and Indian on Saturday? We have you covered. Maybe some traditional American comfort food for Sunday dinner with the folks?

Sarefood also offers meat and fish entrees on its menus. Let Sarefood help you feed your family with our quality, affordable prepared meal delivery service in St. Louis!


Prepared Meals Delivery in St. Louis

Frequently Asked Questions on Meals Delivery

  • What is a prepared meal delivery service?
    Prepared meal delivery service providers deliver ready to eat meals to customers. The meals are fully cooked and may require heating in the microwave.
  • Is it cost-effective to purchase prepared meals?
    It is certainly not expensive to buy prepared meals; see the 30 seconds video to find out yourself.
  • Are the meals delivered hot, cold, or frozen?
    It depends on the service provider, but delivers refrigerated meals which are transported in a refrigerated van from the kitchen to the customer. Almost no meals-provider provides hot food; it is either cold or frozen.
  • Do prepared meal delivery companies require subscription?
    Most of them do, but there are a few companies such as that don't require a subscription